BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston Police detective who failed to arrest a man who is now a person of interest in the Amy Lord murder case has been demoted.

Jerome Hall-Brewster will lose his detective ranking on Tuesday, but will remain with the Boston Police.

Edwin Alemany is accused of attacking two women in South Boston last week and has been named a person of interest in the death of Amy Lord, who was kidnapped and forced to withdraw cash from five ATMs before she was stabbed to death.

In September 2012, a woman told officers that a man attacked her from behind in Roxbury. When she regained consciousness from the attack, she had a wallet in her possession that had an ID belonging to Edwin Alemany.

Commissioner Ed Davis said it was clear that there was probable cause linking Alemany to that attack, but he was never arrested. At a community meeting Monday night in South Boston, the crowd applauded when Davis said Hall-Brewster would no longer be handling investigations in the city.

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