FOXBORO (CBS) –  It’s almost time for some football here at Gillette.


Before players hit the field for their first practice on Friday, last year’s team captains will address the media today.

Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo, and Devin McCourty will all be on at Gillette today ready to answer questions from reporters. And after head coach Bill Belichick addressed the Aaron Hernandez arrest yesterday, you can imagine it will be the topic of many of the questions that are hurled their way.

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Belichick was everything he needed to be on Wednesday, and everything the team needed him to be. He showed compassion and and was forthcoming with a lot of his statements. I’m not sure who wrote his statement, but he read it perfectly and pulled it off.

While Bill said it was time to move on and his players would not be able to comment on it, the one item I took from the whole press conference was this is far from over. Once this case goes to trial, you have to wonder how many members of the Patriots will be called to testify, with that flophouse in Franklin is an integral part. How many of the players knew about it and how many have been there?

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There is obviously more to come, but for one day, the Pats grabbed a positive headline. Let’s see if they can do it two days in a row.

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