BOSTON (CBS) – The MLB Trade Deadline is just one week away, but don’t expect too much more movement that what we’ve already seen.

The Chicago Cubs sent Matt Garza to the Texas Rangers for a haul of prospects and the Brewers sent Francisco Rodriguez to the Baltimore Orioles, but Sports Illustrated’s Joe Sheehan doesn’t think we’ll see much more action over the next week — because there aren’t many teams that can be viewed as “sellers” at this moment.

“There are only six or seven teams that are in positions to sell and have things of value, and that’s why I don’t think we’ll see a whole lot over the next week or so,” Sheehan told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The Adam Jones Show on Tuesday night. “I’m convinced that the Garza trade is the biggest deal we’re going to see. That doesn’t mean we couldn’t get blown away at something strange happening…. but when you have three times as many non-sellers as sellers, you just don’t have a market.”

The Red Sox were able to acquire lefty reliever Matt Thornton from the Chicago White Sox earlier this month, and will be looking for more help in the bullpen in the next week. But Sheehan doesn’t expect them to sell the farm for anyone, despite the fact they could if they wanted — or needed — to do so.

“I don’t think what the Red Sox need is actually out there right now, which is a little frustrating,” he said. “If you look at their available money and available prospects; they’re as well positioned as anyone to have gone out and gotten a Cliff Lee if a Cliff Lee was available. There was a real opportunity for them to go out and get a number-one starter.”

“I like Jon Lester, but he hasn’t been that guy for two years. Clay Buchholz is hurt. This is a rotation that starts with a two/three and works backwards from there. They could have used a number-one guy, but that guy doesn’t exist on the market right now,” said Sheehan.

Sheehan says the Red Sox should look at making more minor moves, like more bullpen help and maybe a left-hand bat in the outfield — but it’s unlikely that they make a big splash on the trade front.

“Changes on the margins, but you’re not talking about the big deal because the big deal isn’t out there,” he said.

Also, find out why Sheehan likes Dustin Pedroia’s contract extension so much and his take on Clay Buchholz’s injury situation:


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