BOSTON (CBS) – If you can save money on everything you purchase and every service you require you will have money left to fund your financial goals. But all great deals are not always so great.

#19 Thrift Store Treasures: Goodwill has an online auction site ( where you can bid on treasures from Goodwill thrift stores across the country.

Dee: Who knew? Similar to eBay’s format and I found a Vintage Oscar De La Renta gown going for $55. Can you find treasuries there? Absolutely! But do any of us need a vintage Oscar De La Renta gown?

#20 Find Coupons: Apps from RetailMeNot and Coupon Cabin help you find deals from your favorite retailers.

Dee: Not everyone has a Smartphone or wants one. 44% of the population does not carry a smartphone so these consumers are feeling left out of the app business. But if you are really needing to check out the coupons do it online. I reviewed the coupons and for most you had to sign up for a newsletter to get your freebie or discount.

#21 Pray for Rain: Look for special sale items that are currently out of stock. Ask for a rain check so that you can pick them up later, at the sale price, when you really need them.

Dee: That may mean going back to the store twice and often for rain checks now have an expiration date. If it’s something you really use and it is a great sale price and you can stock up ask for a rain check and plan to go back.

#22 Any Special Promotions: Those are magic words when ordering catalog items over the phone. So be sure to ask. Many times there are special offers — including discounts or free shipping — that the operator isn’t allowed to mention unless the customer asks.

Dee: Always ask if there is a way to get free shipping and if you order online you can actually get more special deals.

To read the entire list click on 99 Great Ways to Save.


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