By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

BOXFORD (CBS) – Ted Snell of North Andover says he was on the 11th hole with his golf buddies at the Far Corner Golf Course in Boxford, when he couldn’t believe what went flying over their heads.

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“I could hear it first. It went zip boom!” Snell said. “There were shots fired there was no question about that. He had a semi-automatic and it went bang, bang, bang,” Snell said. Snell says he and his foursome buddies heard about fifty rounds go off as they ran for cover in the trees.

Ted Snell

Ted Snell

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Several police were called to the scene. The shots were being fired from Crescent Farm right behind the golf course by 28-year-old Corey Willis who is a Haverhill firefighter.  Police say he practicing target shooting. “He was conducting himself in a reckless way. He had set up targets directly in line with fairway about 300 yards away,” Haverhill Deputy Police Chief Donald Thompson said.

The District Attorney’s office investigated the incident and ruled because there was no criminal intent no charges were filed, but Snell and his crew were pretty shaken up. “It’s something that gives you pause. We are not used to playing under that kind of handicap,” Snell said.

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The club owner says this is a first for him and he’s been in the business for more than 30 years.  “As far as I am concerned it was an isolated incident and I have spoken with the land owner and he has assured me there would be absolutely no more target shooting on his property,” Far Corner Golf Course owner Bob Flynn said.

Paul Burton