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I guess the above reference is for Gabriel Gomez…..but it could be for any number of people…..maybe Aaron Hernandez….except in that case it would be “another thug bites the dust.”    It just never ceases to amaze me, how stupid some people can be when it comes to decision-making.  In the Gomez case, I’m talking about the Massachusetts voters I guess……..the huge majority of whom stayed home and didn’t bother to decide one of only two people who will represent them in the U.S. Senate.  Not unlike the voters in the entire nation, the voters of Massachusetts apparently don’t give a damn who represents them and I guess it goes back to an old philosopher friend of mine who joked “don’t vote for any of them…it only encourages them.”    I know Gabriel wasn’t the greatest candidate, not a smooth talker, not a polished pol (if that is an attribute) but he offered the Commonwealth something new, something fresh, somebody with impressive credentials outside the drudgery of Washington, D.C……somebody….anybody….other than the 37-year veteran of nothingness, Ed Markey.   Goodness sake we’re talking another John Kerry (in a less expensive suit) who has made a living at the public trough, spending the  taxpayers money and accomplishing what?   Nothing!   He doesn’t even live in Massachusetts nor care about it,  and look what happened.    Most of the voters stayed home……the lowest turn out for a statewide election ever…..and nearly 50% percent of those who bothered to vote turned thumbs down on Markey.   Now I ask you, who does this guy represent?    Less than 37% percent of the voters turned out…..nearly half said “yes” to Gomez, but Markey wins and becomes a U.S. Senator with 15% of the voters putting him there.   What a shame!

Alright…enough already!    I don’t know what’s going to become of Aaron Hernandez, nor do I care.    It’s just another NFL thug with a legal problem….a major legal problem for sure.   You’d need a high-speed calculator to come up with a list of gifted athletes from the National Football League who, in their opinion, “made some bad decisions.”  Maurice Jones Drew, super running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars totally punches out a security guard during a drunken brawl at a St. Augustine, FL nightclub and he’s gonna walk.  Hell, the knockout punch is on videotape, but the prosecutor has decided…MoJo can go back to practice..all charges dropped.     That is called “Another One Beats The Rap.”

Speaking of decisions…I hear Gary Player is thinking about posing nude for some publication.   Gary….at 77-years old, you’re too old for golf and that for sure makes you too old to take off your clothes in front of a camera.    Decisions, decisions, decisions.


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