BOSTON (CBS) – On Monday, the biggest story-line heading into the start of Tuesday’s Patriots minicamp was linebacker Brandon Spikes reporting for duty.

Then, the Pats went and signed Tim Tebow.

The NFL Network’s Albert Breer joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Tuesday morning to discuss the move, and why Bill Belichick and the Patriots signed the most famous back-up quarterback in the world.

“I think there are a couple reasons. One, I think it’s just the value of the quarterback position,” said Breer. “If you can develop this guy into anything he’ll have some trade value. You’ve been trying to trade (Ryan) Mallett; maybe you try to deal him again at the end of camp to give you an extra layer of depth.”

“Then there is the element of versatility there,” Breer continued. “I think part of this is Bill looking at a player that is different than any other player we’ve seen. Not better, but built differently; we’ve never see a quarterback look or play that way. I think Bill is intrigued to see what he can do once he gets his hands on him.”

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“We’ll see if it works out. I don’t think he’s any lock to make the team,” said Breer.

One person who will help the Tebow-Patriots marriage is Josh McDaniels, who drafted Tebow in the first round back in 2010 while calling the shots in Denver.

“It’s going to be a challenge to come in here and learn, but there’s not question he’s going to work hard and give it everything he has, and he has a guy in Josh McDaniels who has been in a position to teach him before and knows how to teach him. That will probably give him the best chance to learn the offense.”

Many reports are saying Tebow will likely find himself working in other positions, mainly at tight end.

“No one is shutting the door on things opening on other positions for him. Bill Belichick has done with about every other player except for the franchise, Tom Brady,” said Breer. “The idea that Tebow would come in exclusively as a quarterback and they wouldn’t even tinker with the idea of using him somewhere else runs counter to everything the Patriots have been built on the last 14 years.”

“Every team is like this, but with the Patriots the more you can do the higher the chance of you sticking,” he added.

How long does Breer think Tebow will last with the Patriots?

“I think he makes it to training camp, and I think its a good chance he makes the team. I don’t think Belichick would inherit the distractions without thinking he can someway contribute,” said Breer. “The fact this was talked at the highest level of the organization and signed off on, it tells you the Patriots are going into this with eyes wide open about the distraction that Tim Tebow can bring. It tells you Bill Belichick is not only comfortable with it but thinks it’s worth it.”

Breer noted that if Tebow doesn’t do much on the field, he could help the Patriots off of it.

“I know this is a time when they are looking for the younger set of players to step up and become leaders and make this their team,” said Breer. “I think the Kyle Love and Brandon Deaderick moves played directly into that; they sent a message to all their younger players that this is their team now and need them to become leaders in the locker room. I think that was a message to guys like Brandon Spikes, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski, Stevan Ridley, Nate Solder — guys who are going to be part of the future of the team.”

“At the very least a guy like Tebow can come in and ratchet up the intensity in training camp, set an example and out-push everybody,” said Breer. “Maybe in a weird, weird way he helps you find those leaders.”

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