BOSTON (CBS) – Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev appeared to be “well on the road to radicalization” ahead of his trip to Russia in 2012, a source told CBS News on Friday.

Investigators have uncovered evidence of Tamerlan’s radicalization in emails, online chats, and various video messages, according to the source.

Officials believe that much of Tsarnaev’s radicalization was inspired by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

It’s believed he watched sermons by American born cleric Anwar al Awalaki, who is also believed to have inspired the Christmas Day underwear bomber and others.

The source also referenced INSPIRE magazine among the materials Tsarnaev accessed. INSPIRE is known to have published a bomb-making guide.

The source said Tsarnaev’s visit to Russia remains a key component in the investigation.

Investigators are continuing to conduct digital forensics on Tsarnaev’s online discussions, including analysis of his demeanor and language in those interactions and his email exchanges.


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