By Todd Gutner, WBZ Meteorologist

BOSTON (CBS) – With the amazing stretch of weather we are in, no doubt many of you have already started to clear out and plant in your backyard garden.

We asked Mark Saidnawey, owner of Pemberton Farms in Cambridge, what we can safely plant at this point in the season.

First and foremost…pansies. Pansies are among the most hardy of plants and they have been available on the garden center shelves for weeks now. Also it is not too early to start a veggie garden. Feel free to plant any cold crop vegetables such as spinach, parsley, broccoli and lettuces.

Be careful not to jump the season with much more than that, or at least be prepared to cover them up or bring indoors any other tender vegetation you may have.

While there are no hard freezes in the forecast, there will be some nights, including tonight, during which temperatures will drop into the lower 30’s in some of the ‘burbs.



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