BOSTON (CBS) –  Bob Socci, the new voice of the New England Patriots on 98.5 The Sports Hub, joined Felger & Mazz on Thursday to talk about his new gig.

Currently the voice of the Pawtucket Red Sox, Socci has some big shoes to fill in replacing the great Gil Santos. But on a bigger scale, does Socci know what he’s getting into with his color man, Scott Zolak?

“I did a little scouting; I’m good friends with a couple of guys that did work with Zolak in the past and we both have connections to the Naval Academy, so I have a bit of a report on him. He’s been great with me so far. I met him when I went into the station and had a great feeling with him. He’s an energetic guy, and I’m going to try to match that energy.”

As for Zolak’s hygiene, which Felger and Mazz constantly bring up as the show following Gresh & Zo each day, Socci said “I’ll find out for myself soon enough.”

Socci was the play-by-play voice for Navy football the last 16 years, and got to know Bill Belichick’s late father, Steve.

“Not very well, but well enough to hear a lot of stories and get my broadcasts critiqued and get a football lesson now and then,” said Socci. “But I had a total appreciation for how knowledgeable he had for the game, and the kind of upbringing Bill had around football.”

What does Socci think the Patriots will do this weekend at the NFL Draft, and which member of the PawSox is destined for Fenway? Find out more with the new voice of the New England Patriots!


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