BOSTON (CBS) – If you didn’t catch Monday night’s WBZ debate between U.S. Senate candidates Stephen Lynch and Ed Markey, you missed a good one that could help inform your choice of a nominee for U.S. Senator who might be serving you for many years to come.

Video: WBZ Democratic Debate

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So let’s consider what we learned from the debate that might inform us how well Lynch or Markey might represent us in the Senate.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Both men were able to put their best foot forward at times last night.

Markey is a veteran legislator who’s been down there since 1977, and he knows how to play the game and work the system.

Lynch’s most ferocious lines of attack were over votes Markey took that reflect the sometimes-byzantine nuances of a congressman’s life, voting against great-sounding bills for tactical reasons that aren’t easy to remember years later.

And Markey is a proud partisan, hitching his star to the president at every possible turn. If you’re a staunch partisan too, you’ll probably like that.

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But if you’re sick of business as usual, as many independent voters are, you may have found your man last night.

Even though Lynch votes with his party leaders almost as often as Markey, he made it clear he does think for himself, even when that means bucking the party line, and his passion for his constituents is unquestioned.

Markey says he’s a fighter, and points to his record to prove it; Lynch’s life story and demeanor are his proof.

It’s an interesting race.

And if you did miss it, by all means watch the video before primary day, which is one week from today.

Unless you prefer voting blind, or letting others make the choice for you.

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