BOSTON (CBS) – The aunt of two Boston Marathon bombings suspects lashed out at the media on Friday, demanding that they prove to her that her nephews committed the bombings.

“Did you see with your own eyes that it was Tamerlan standing there with explosives. I cannot take this kind of information lightly,” Maret Tsarnaeva told reporters in Toronto, Canada. “I need evidence, then come and see my reaction.”

“They can’t go crazy or mad or sick or psycho for just one day,” Tsarnaeva added. “As far as I know them, they were fine… in good health… in good mind.”

Tsarnaeva pointed to bombs that exploded in Russia in the past that she says were originally blamed on Chechens, but turned out later to be the work of a secret government force. She said because of that, she refused to believe the word of any government.

“Show me the picture where he’s (placing) the bomb… Show that to me. And then maybe I’ll question more,” she said.

The woman says both of her nephews were doing well.

“I don’t trust (the) FBI. I don’t trust any agencies. Show me the evidence,” she said.


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