BOSTON (CBS) – Doctor Zeeshan Khan will never forget the horrible moment when he realized that he left a valuable bag behind at the Wonderland MBTA station.

Khan is visiting the U.S. from Dubai with his family. The bag had $3,500 in it but also much more than that.

“This bag is very important to me because it has all the four passports for me my wife and the kids, and it has the 194 card which i need to exit the US and it has my US visa in it,” he said.

Surveillance video shows the station, passengers, trains and even the doctor himself but there is no sign of the bag.

Transit Police say it may have been stolen but they’re also hoping it will be returned.

“We’re not sure if someone took it and returned it to somewhere we’re not aware of, but we’ve checked our lost and found sections of the MBTA unsuccessfully at this point,” police said.

Khan was scheduled to take a train to New York on Thursday, still without his bag, the money or the passports.

The doctor once worked at Mass General Hospital and was in town to show his family the hospital and a plaque bearing his name. That trip has now turned into a nightmare.

“So now I’m missing all of that and I suddenly feel stranded and lonely in this big country and I’m just hoping some good soul gets it back to me.”


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