By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

DURHAM (CBS) – It is the Twitter account that everyone is buzzing about on the University of New Hampshire campus in Durham.

On the “UNH Blackout” Twitter page, people tweet pictures of their friends passed out from drinking.

“I think it’s funny and I like it and I read it,” said Junior Jamie Langevin.

The Twitter account is gaining in popularity, picking up some 300 followers Monday alone.

“It’s just drunk people, I don’t have a problem with it, I mean they’re already drunk,” said Langevin.

The photos posted, many of which are graphic, show students passed out in bathrooms, outside on the ground and inside on the floor.

Sophomore Sam Madden says she just tweeted in a photo this weekend.

“My friend was passed out at a frat so I sent in a picture to @UNHblackout,” said Madden.

Her friend was not even that concerned when she found out.

“She was just like ‘Oh God” and that was her response to it.'”

The University of New Hampshire released a statement to WBZ-TV on Monday, which said:

“UNH is aware of such online sites. We regularly encourage and educate our students to be safe and smart online, and are disturbed by websites that in any way glorify alcohol or drug use. Any criminal behavior will be investigated if brought to the attention of the UNH Police Department.”

“I’ve seen it, I think it’s kind of funny,” said Sophomore Peter Liquori. “It’s bad publicity. I don’t think it’s too big of a deal.”

Julie Fierley, a sophomore, says photos of a couple of her friends were sent in.

“Everyone’s getting bored and making Twitter accounts,” said Fierley. “It’s giving our school a pretty bad rep but it’s just for fun, it’s not like kids do it every single day.”

But some are cautious.

“I think some kids are definitely going to regret it,” said Junior Cody Nizolek. “A lot of kids don’t realize social media stuff stays with you, sometimes it might hurt them down the road.”

That’s a sentiment echoed by Durham’s Police Chief Dave Kurz.

“Nowadays on Twitter, if you think people aren’t looking at your sites when they’re hiring, you’re sadly mistaken. These things don’t go away and delete means nothing,” said Kurz.

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