By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

It’s the end in more ways than one this Friday.

Winter has ended, the snow is ending across southeastern Massachusetts, and it’s the end of my chapter here at WBZ-TV in Boston.

I have spent the last 3 years 2 months and 18 days as part of the WBZ Weather Team. It has been more than I could’ve ever imagined! I have grown professionally, personally, and culturally. I have been blessed to meet so many great friends, viewers, and co-workers.

Life is full of turns, twists, hurdles, peaks and valleys. With each year of life, I’m learning to embrace change, take off running with each new opportunity, love those you are with when you get the chance, and always remember (NEVER forget). Take your lessons learned from each experience and carry it with you throughout your life.

I like to think that Boston is one more place that I call HOME now. From the unbelievable people I’ve met to the awesome foodie scene to the history to the sports teams, I’ve become an even more *passionate* person from living here in New England.

The passion and loyalty that New Englanders embrace are two things that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you for opening your arms to me and allowing me to wake you up every morning with a ((SMILE))! :)

For you and everything that New England has provided me and taught me, I give you a huge *thank you*! I promise to always remember and never forget! I love all of you!

As for your forecast, several inches of snow have fallen in neighborhoods across southeastern Massachusetts while most of us only received a few flurries or nothing at all.

The light snow will taper this morning before skies return to a partly sunny status. There could also be a flurry or raindrop around this afternoon. It’ll be breezy with highs only near 40.

This first weekend of spring will be tranquil but still cooler-than-normal.

Saturday will be sunny, breezy, and cool with highs in the lower 40’s. Sunday will include lots of sunshine as well with highs a few degrees milder in the middle to upper 40’s.

Monday is turning out to be a ‘question mark’. The EURO model keeps the storm south, but the American models are showing southern New England being scraped by some snow (especially south of the Mass Pike). We will be watching closely and bringing you updates with every new model run.

Even as we head into the middle of next week, there are no major warm-ups in store. Don’t you miss those good ‘old 50’s and 60’s?!?!

Happy FRRRiday! and signing off…
~Melissa :)


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