A few months ago, Toucher & Rich sent Adolfo out to the comic book store to ask people how they felt about Disney buying the rights to the Star Wars franchise.

Adolfo asked one of the guys he talked to about his “stack” of comic books, wanting to know what he had. It was so entertaining, the guys regularly send Adolfo back out to ask people “what’s in their stack,” among other things.

Well this past weekend was the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and the guys decided to send Adolfo out to ask people in attendance “what’s in their stats,” along with some other questions.

1. What college did you attend?

2. VIP and VORP good statistical measure or a bunch of gobbledygook?

3. Who is the best sports writer of all time?

4. Who is the best radio sports talk host in America? Who is the worst?

5. Who is your favorite musical artist?

6. What’s your favorite sports movie?

7. Who’s your favorite ESPN employee?

8. How many sabermetric terms can he name just from their acronyms? (Adolfo has a little trouble with this question, but the guy gets it.)


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