BOSTON (CBS) — It’s only January, but the Yankees already have some drama for their clubhouse.

According to the New York Daily News, reliever Joba Chamberlain called his newest teammate, Kevin Youkilis, to welcome him to the team. The two have a history of some bad blood on the field, so the 27-year-old Chamberlain was likely trying to be proactive in taking the first step to mending that relationship now that the two are teammates.

“It was just, ‘I’m glad you’re on our team, glad you’re on our side and I look forward to seeing you and hopefully we can win one over here for the good guys,'” Chamberlain told the paper of the nature of his message for Youk.

There’s just one problem: Youkilis hasn’t called Joba back.

“No, not really,” Chamberlain told the newspaper when asked if he was surprised about Youkilis’ silent treatment. “I’m bound to run into him at some point, sooner rather than later. We’ll see what happens. We’re grown men.”

Grown men with a history.

The then-rookie fireballer famously threw consceutive high fastballs near Youkilis’ head at Yankee Stadium in August of 2007, drawing a two-game suspension. Youkilis then saw a couple of more up-and-in heaters in 2008, including a pitch in July that sent him diving to the dirt.

Youkilis, upon signing with the Yankees this offseason, said his past feuds with Chamberlain were “not that big of a deal,” and Chamberlain said

“I did everything I can do,” Chamberlain told the Daily News. I can’t control what Kevin Youkilis does. I can only control what I do and, you know what, we’ll go on from there.”

Does Youkilis wants to move on, too? In a few weeks, when everyone reports to Tampa, we’ll find out.


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