MATTAPOISETT (CBS) – For two years now, 12-year-old Nick Claudio has been through a constant barrage of surgeries, chemo, and radiation as doctors try to cure his rare form of brain cancer.

And this is what the youngster says about his ordeal: “The best way to look at it is positively. Because if you’re looking at it negatively, you won’t get anywhere.”

When he was 10, Nick suddenly went blind.

He was taken from his home in Mattapoisett to Tufts Medical Center. Since then, his body has been constantly bombarded with chemicals and radiation.

And through it all, Nick has kept his sense of courage, and his sense of humor, making nurses and doctors constantly laugh when he’s in for treatment.

“He is extremely spirited,” says his doctor, Dr. Johannes Wolff, “and when Nick is around, it’s fun despite his pain.”

In the two years he’s been blind, Nick has taught himself Braille and learned to ski.

It doesn’t surprise his mother.

“I’m very proud,” says Allison Isherwood. “Most kids would just very easily give up, but he doesn’t he just keeps pushing forward.”

Don’t ever tell Nick he can’t see.

“A loss of sight is never a loss of vision,” says Nick. “You need to be able to look forward and keep moving.”

Words of wisdom from a 12-year old.

It’s that attitude that has won Nick the first Cam Neely Award for Courage, which will be awarded to the 12-year-old in March.

Bill Shields


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