BOSTON (CBS) – In Boston and in Houston, the trash-talking over Sunday’s big game is starting to build.

Jon Keller did his part with analysis of the two cities and how they compare.

Houston is home to the nation’s fourth worst traffic congestion; Boston has the sixth worst traffic. But Boston is also rated the country’s third most walk-able city. Houston ranks 23rd. Edge: Boston.

Boston weather can be miserable at times. But Houston suffers from torrential rain and flooding plus nearly 100 days a year over 90 degrees, earning it the nickname, “most air-conditioned place on earth.” Edge: Boston.

Houston is the largest U.S. city without formal zoning, and if you’ve ever been there you know that makes for quite the hot mess. The Boston area has strict zoning, including a no-scoring zone in the Patriots end zone. Edge: New England.

“America’s Best Sports City,” are they kidding? True, Houston is home to the world’s largest rodeo. Yee-haw!

But it’s been a long time since they’ve had a victory parade of any kind. And they’ve never won a Super Bowl, not even close. Edge: Boston.

When it comes to celebrities, Ben Affleck may be the biggest Boston has to offer these days.

But Houston gave birth to Beyonce. Sorry, Ben. Edge: Houston.