BOSTON (CBS) – Does anyone really believe that due to an ancient Mayan prophecy, a weird planetary alignment, solar storms, or some other internet fueled rumor, the world is coming to an end Friday?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Actually, yes, quite a few people do believe it, especially in Russia and Ukraine, where there’s been a run on canned goods, candles, and, oddly enough, salt.

Doomsday goes better with salt, didn’t you know that?

No, as NASA points out in a memo debunking all this bogus end-of-the-world talk, none of the alleged causes of the apocalypse have any basis in truth.

The Mayan long-count calendar does end on December 21st, but wait, it begins again on January first. I guess they gave ten days off for good behavior.

Some folks believe there is a rogue planet called Nibiru or Planet X or Eris heading for earth with total destruction in mind. Their mistake – believing garbage they saw on the internet.

By the way, I like Planet X the best, it reminds me of the old Saturday afternoon creature double feature.

But just to be on the safe side, I will share with you my game plan for Earth’s final day Friday in the hope that it may inspire you to prepare your own sendoff schedule.

I will get up extra early to give Buddy the Lab a long walk. If she doesn’t get her regular exercise, there will certainly be an apocalypse in our living room later.

I will put in a full day at work; doomsday or no, people are still interested in the U.S. Senate race.

But after that, I intend to take my wife and a few friends out for a high-calorie dinner with plenty of wine.

Who cares about calories when the world is about to end?

We will have a designated driver though. Drunk driving is never cool, even on the eve of destruction.

I will call my out-of-state loved ones to say goodbye, catch the late WBZ-TV news to check on the weather in case Planet X isn’t coming, and hit the sack.

And I’ll dream of what a better world this would be if nuts weren’t scaring the socks off us every two weeks or so.

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