MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – At Lewis Arms, a gun store in Bow, New Hampshire, owner Brad Lewis says business is booming this week.

“Saturday it was crazy, we did a week’s worth of business in one day,” said Lewis.

That was the day after the Newtown tragedy, and Lewis says mass shootings like these always drive people to gun stores.

“People are afraid when something like that happens the government will tighten the restrictions and regulations,” said Lewis.

It’s one of the reasons why Craig Stephen came by today. But he’s also researching a higher quality safe in the wake of what happened in Connecticut.

“At this point it makes me look at what I have for security for my firearms and I’m reviewing that and saying I think I’ll upgrade.” said Stephen.

Pro-gun advocates anticipate a drive for stricter gun control. But Penny Dean, a pro-firearms attorney in New Hampshire, says that would be misguided.

“We don’t talk about taking cars away from all people because drunks kill people,” Dean told WBZ-TV.

Buzz Scherr, a law professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law, says New Hampshire’s gun laws are more permissive toward gun owners than many states.

“You don’t have to register your gun in New Hampshire, you don’t need a license to carry a gun, except when it’s a loaded gun and you’re concealing it or it’s a loaded gun and it’s in your car,” said Scherr.


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