BOSTON (CBS) – In January of 2011, 25-year-old Stephanie Moulton went to work at a halfway house in Revere, that treats mentally disabled clients for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.

But Moulton ended up murdered, allegedly by her client, Deshawn Chappell, a man with a violent history.

Now almost two years later, Stephanie’s mother is still looking for answers from the Department of Mental Health.

“Everyday, my life is hell, “ says Kimberly Flynn, “and I don’t want this to ever happen to anyone else.”

After Stephanie’s murder, the D.M.H did institute a number of changes.

“First, and foremost, we have provided safety training for all of our caseworkers, almost 2,000 of them,” said Commissioner Marcia Fowler.

Over a year ago, Flynn’s attorney, Barry Feinstein filed a civil suit against the department, seeking damages, claiming they put Stephanie in a dangerous setting.

Now, attorney Feinstein says the department is hiding an internal report about Moulton’s death.

“That report was supposed to be released last month, but they’re sitting on it. I believe it will shed some light as to what happened that day.”

Bill Shields

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