BOSTON (CBS) – The father of a Cambridge boy killed in one of the state’s most notorious crimes today called his convicted killer “the face of evil” as Charles Jaynes petitioned to legally change his name.

It’s the first time Robert Curley has seen his son Jeffrey’s killer since Jaynes was convicted 15 years ago.

Jaynes’ appearance, bald and bearded, bore little resemblance, and his voice was heard for the first time as he asked the court to allow him to follow his Wiccan beliefs and change his name.

“Jesus Christ has been my light and I’m proud to call myself a Wiccan,” Jaynes told the court.

Jeffrey Curley

In a rambling fifteen minute petition he cited the bill of rights and the Bible, and called his “old human name” religiously offensive derived from white slave traders.

“I can’t hide from my crime, your honor. My crime is in front of me everyday I wake up in prison,” said Jaynes.

But hide from the crime is what Robert Curley believes Jaynes is trying to do.

Ten year old Jeffrey was kidnapped, sexually abused, and murdered in one of the state’s most notorious crimes. He wants the name of Jaynes forever associated with the brutal crime.

“He’s a master, he’s a con man and he’s a phony,” said Robert Curley. “ The thing that makes Charles Jaynes so dangerous are the well spoken words here today, the soft demeanor.”

Curley worries Jaynes, now serving a life sentence in the Old Colony Correctional Facility in Bridgewater, could be paroled when he’s eligible in nine years.

He believes the crime could become clouded in confusion. But Jaynes, who told the court he’s not trying to manipulate the system, doubts he’ll ever be granted parole.

“For me to get parole I would have to lie and admit to a murder I didn’t commit,” he said. Robert Curley was supported in court by a Kingston couple, Gerry and Mary Putney, who never met the father but sympathize with his fight.

“I don’t want a confused name, I want the court to protect me and my family in the future,” said Gerry Putney. 

Beth Germano


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