CLINTON (CBS) – A Clinton firefighter is accused of tampering with his ex-wife’s dryer so that it blew up when she turned it on.

Doreen Weeks says she heard “a tick, tick and then boom” as she turned on the dryer after her ex-husband and veteran Clinton firefighter Dean Weeks texted her and told her to test it.

When Doreen turned the dryer on, it exploded, giving her severe burns on her legs and blowing her small dog out of the second floor window.

On Thursday, Dean Weeks pleaded not guilty to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charges.

Weeks says her ex-husband was hoping to get rid of her and claim the house for himself. As part of a divorce settlement in August, Dean was to fix the broken dryer.

As she was taken away by ambulance, police say Dean Weeks showed up and told her if she said anything, she wouldn’t get a penny.

Two men that work for Dean Weeks’ side business told police he told them to lie if questioned about the explosion, according to police.


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