DEDHAM (CBS) – Four teenagers have been charged in relation to a hazing incident at Dedham High School last Friday.

Police have not released what the teens have been charged with and the names of the teens will not be released.

WBZ-TV has learned the incident involved the Dedham High School football team. Sources say the incident was sexual in nature. Witnesses said that upper classmen held down a freshman while another player, who was naked, assaulted the victim.

Friends of the victim say he is receiving support.

Dedham Police said in a statement Thursday, they do not anticipating charging any other teens in connection with the incident.

After school Wednesday, students told WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields that they were aware something had happened Friday night, but they thought it was innocent.

“I know those guys, and they were just horsing around,” said one girl. Her friend added, “if they knew it was hazing, they wouldn’t have done it.”

At least one student has reportedly been suspended and two others have been temporarily removed from the team while authorities investigate.

Another freshman football player told WBZ-TV he heard the commotion as he was entering the locker room after the football game. He admits things got out of hand, but says hazing isn’t a regular occurrence and he doesn’t think the older players meant any harm. “It’s not a problem here,” he said. “I think some kid was just joking around and it kind of got taken seriously by a lot of people.”