BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was not happy — with himself or the officials — following New England’s 20-18 loss to the Cardinals.

Gronkowski may have scored New England’s only touchdown in the game, but it was some late-game laundry that could have cost the Patriots a come-from-behind win. While he shoulder’s the blame, Gronkowski doesn’t believe the flags were warranted.

After linebacker Brandon Spikes forced a fumble with just over a minute left, setting up the potential game-winning drive, running back Danny Woodhead broke free for what could have been a game-winning 30-yard touchdown down run. But Gronk was flagged for a hold on the play. After the game, didn’t feel he did anything wrong on the play.

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“I felt like it was a clean block,” he said. “My hands were inside, but I have to look at the film. You guys saw it too; you probably saw the replay, so you can tell me if my hands were outside or not.”

Gronkowski On Loss To Cardinals: 

A few plays later Gronkowski was whistled for a false start, adding five yards onto what would eventually be a potential game-winning 42-yard field goal for kicker Stephen Gostkowski.

Gostkowski went wide left, and took the blame following the loss. But Gronkowski was quick to say it was a team loss, and it shouldn’t all fall on Gostkowski’s shoulders (or foot).

“Stephen does a great job,” said Gronkowski. “He kicked four great field goals to keep us in the game. The loss is definitely not on him. The loss could be on me. I got that penalty at the end holding the guy. It’s definitely not on Stephen. He’s a great kicker and great player.

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Gronkowski finished the game with six receptions for 75 yards and New England’s only touchdown, but still said he — and the rest of the team — need to play better for 60 minutes.

“We were playing awful,” he said. “I was playing awful. I have to go out there play better, play faster, and play stronger and not just in the fourth quarter. Just staying in the game is not good enough. You have to go out there the whole game playing hard.”


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