Former Titans tight end Frank Wycheck joined Gresh & Zo on Thursday.

A veteran of 11 seasons and 155 NFL games, Wycheck knows a thing or two about the tight end position. He also shared a story about an encounter with Bill Belichick at the 1998 Pro Bowl that hinted that the concept of having two dynamic tight ends in one offense has been in Belichick’s mind for a long time.

“I remember playing in a Pro Bowl, and Coach Belichick was the assistant on the Jets team that coached the Pro Bowl. [Bill] Parcells I guess stayed home, he didn’t want to fly over,” Wycheck said. “But I remember having a conversation with Belichick about how difficult it was to defend two tight ends that were versatile that could be in two-tight formation and then pop out into empty, four wides, and then another guy getting into the backfield. I got a sense that it made it difficult on what he was trying to do defensively.”

Wycheck, a former Titan, also discussed the upcoming game on Sunday and what to expect from Tennessee.


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