Gresh and Zo start off a sports-less Wednesday talking about the biggest surprises and the biggest disappointments with the 2012 Boston Red Sox.

“There has been a lot of anger, a lot of angst. But there has been some good in this Red Sox season,” said Gresh. “We want to touch on both with you, and ask a very simple question: biggest surprise and biggest disappointment with the players this season.”

“I have two guys who are surprises. One, who I didn’t want on the roster becaues of prior transgressions, is Vicente Padilla. He has been pretty damn awesome. So far so good with stuff behind the scenes,” said Gresh. “He’s been nails, and when you have someone with that kind of personality, I didn’t know if that guy would be able to come in in big spots in the seventh inning. I would say he’s my 1A for surprises.”

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“The other one is a guy who offensively is outperforming at any level I thought he would be, and has had to deal with 25 pitchers over the course of the year; Jarrod Saltalamacchia has been awesome,” said Gresh. “You had your original five starting pitchers, then you have Aaron Cook, Daisuke Matsuzaka… I think Saltalmacchia has been just as impressive mentally as what he’s done on the field.”

“In terms of disappointments, there is a truckload of them we could point to,” said Gresh. “The biggest one for me is Jon Lester. Because there is no real injury he’s had to deal with, he has the same catcher as last year. He was the one guy we were all willing to give him a break when it came to the ‘chicken and beer stuff’ because of the way he handled it. We were optimistic we were going to see Lester become a #1 starter, and it’s been beyond disappointment. It’s at the point now where I think you give up on him ever being an ace.”

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“I disagree with that. I still think that he’s going to fight his ass off,” said Zo. “When he stepped forward and he was the first to report in spring training, he was the first to talk about (the chicken and beer), there were a lot of expectations put on his shoulders. Is the guy just flat-out trying too hard?”

Who are you biggest surprises, and biggest disappointments, for the Red Sox so far this season? Let us know in the comments section!


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