BROCKTON (CBS) – A would-be burglar spent the night trapped under a door at a Rent-A-Center in Brockton.

John Rodriguez arrived at work Tuesday and found 53-year-old Manuel Fernandes stuck under the loading bay door at around 8:45 a.m.

Fernandes told Rodriguez that he had been there since around midnight, according to police.

“He tried to pry open the garage door with a metal bed post. As a result of trying to squeeze into the business, apparently the door fell onto the suspect’s head, and he was unable to free himself,” said Det. Lt. Paul Bonanca of the Brockton Police Department.

Police arrived at the scene around 9 a.m. and pulled Fernandes out.

“He was brought out of that position and complained of a headache,” said Bonanca.

Fernandes had a large bruise on the back of his head and was taken to the hospital.

“It could have been a fatal situation if more momentum had occurred so I don’t recommend that for anyone to try,” said Bonanca.

Officers said they plan to charge Fernandes, who says he is homeless, with breaking and entering and malicious damage to property.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.

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