BROOKLINE (CBS) – Police seized dozens of weapons and ammunition from a home in Brookline on Monday.

When relatives hadn’t heard from Richard Becker in several weeks, police went to his Harvard Street apartment to check on him, but he refused to open the door.

Then, police learned he hadn’t paid his taxes or shown up for jury duty and received word that weapons were being held in his home.

So, a stakeout team took Becker into custody when he strolled outside at around 5 p.m. He was charged with “numerous firearms violations.”

Police discovered 36 weapons, including mac 11’s, 9-millimeter uzi’s, tech nine’s and AK-47’s in his illegal gun collection. Police found the weapons, along with several silencers and vest-piercing ammunition, in his bedroom and assorted closets.

“He stated that he hadn’t done anything and when he realized the severity of the situation, he requested medical attention,” said Det. Lt. Andrew Lipson of the Brookline Police Department.

Becker has not yet been arraigned, but police expect him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Police said Becker has no criminal past, but hasn’t had a valid firearms license since the late 1990’s.

Officers said they doubt an evil plan was taking shape, despite the excessive arsenal.

“That was never an issue. There was never any threats,” said Chief Dan O’Leary of the Brookline Police Department.

Officers estimate Becker had roughly $100,000 worth of weapons. Many were still in their factory boxes.

Federal agents have been summoned to help sort through the weapons and figure out where Becker got them.


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