By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

HAMPTON, NH (CBS) – It’s a neon tinted, fuel injected, auto lover’s paradise. Forty-seven classic cars housed in Hampton, New Hampshire are up for auction.

They belong to Mike Dingman. He sat on the board at Ford Motor Company for 20 years. The cars are his personal collection, carefully selected over 15 years.

“We’ll have the sign collectors, the gear heads, the guys who want the hot rods. We’ll have the classic collectors. There’s something for everyone here,” says Mark Santavy of RM Auctions.

There are fast cars, like a 2005 Ford GT that was the second off the assembly line, a gift to Dingman from Ford.

Dingman was also fond of solid wood station wagons from the 30’s and 40’s. Some will sell for upwards of $150,000.

And the crown jewel is a 1936 Ford custom Cabriolet built in Germany. It is one of only two in the entire world. The bidding for that car will start at a quarter of a million dollars.

A used VW bus sits just two rows down. That will start at just $4,000, proving there really is something for everyone.

So why would anyone just sell cars like these? Because the garage is full and they need

“We’re trying to downsize a little bit.” But Kevin Westmoreland who restored the cars says they won’t be the last ones he and Dingman will perfect. “Once a collector always a collector.”

The bidding will start at between 200 and 300 thousand dollars for many of the cars. They’ll sell for much more.

If you just want to window shop there’s a public viewing Friday in Hampton, NH with a $30 admission. The catalog is available at

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