By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

ATTLEBORO (CBS) – Danni Bultemeier was supposed to be in the hospital giving birth to her son this week. Instead, on her due date, she was in the hospital being treated for injuries from having a car slam into her.

“He’s safe, and that’s what I’m really happy about,” she says, rubbing her pregnant belly.

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She was in a line outside an Attleboro food pantry Thursday when an out-of-control car hopped the sidewalk and careened into the group. “I just saw the blue car coming at me and I landed on my side, and I just remember grabbing my belly and hoping that my baby was OK and wondering when the car was going to stop. I was up against the hood of the car, my feet down by the bumper, and then I fell off the hood of the car,” she says.

The driver was a 64-year-old woman with a history of heart disease and seizures. Six people went to area hospitals, none with life-threatening injuries.

Bultemeier has some bad bruises on her arm, ribs, and hip. She says her baby is unharmed. “He’s moving very well, his heart rate is good, he decided to stay in a bit longer. Apparently the accident didn’t help him along any,” she jokes.

She says she’s heard a 14-year-old girl shoved her sideways so the car would not hit her head-on, which could have been more of a threat to her pregnancy. She and her husband would like to know who the brave girl is, so they can thank her.

Christina Hager


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