BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox starter Daniel Bard picked up his fifth win of the season Tuesday night, but he is still not satisfied.

Bard went just 5.1 innings in Tuesday’s 6-3 win over the Detroit Tigers and exited after striking out center fielder Adam Jones on his 90th pitch of the evening in the sixth inning.

The converted reliever understands where Bobby Valentine is coming from with the early hooks, but he wants his manager to know he can go deeper.

“I understand Bobby being conservative with me the last couple [outings] because the walks have been an issue coming into this one and I see where his mind’s at,” Bard said after allowing two runs off five hits while striking out four Tigers. “I just wanted him to know that I want to be out there and be going six, seven innings a start. I’m not satisfied with this 5.1 (innings) stuff. It’s kind of weird.”

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“My last two outings I’ve been pulled at 5.1 (innings) after a strikeout with the bases empty. And with a pitch count that’s pretty reasonable both times in the low 90s, so I get where he’s coming from and typically I have struggled as I get deeper in the game,” added Bard. “But I just told him, I made it clear as respectfully as I could that I’m ready to start finishing those innings. I don’t need to be treated like a kid anymore. He said ‘alright I want you to finish those innings’, so I think we’re on the same page.”

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Over his last three outings, Bard has pitched just 16.1 innings, allowing 14 hits, 13 walks and eight runs over that span. He can say all he wants to Valentine, but it will ultimately be his performance, and pitch count, that dictate how long he remains in games.


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