BOSTON (CBS) – A brave young woman diagnosed with Graves’ Disease wanted to raise awareness about the incurable illness that affects millions of people in the U.S. alone.

So last year, Michaela Cui started a bike ride. She rode from Alaska to San Francisco to raise awareness.

Cui called the ride The Greater Than Graves’ Campaign.

This year, Bryant University students Elias McQuade and David Britton, along with UNH student Keating Tufts all stepped in.

The three young men are traveling 4,080 miles on a 59 day bicycle trip from Boston to San Francisco, California.

On Saturday, they left Boston and are headed cross-country.

They started by dipping their bike tires in the Atlantic Ocean, and in two months they’ll end their trek by doing the same thing in the Pacific Ocean.

It’s all in an effort to let people know about Graves’ Disease.

To find out more about their ride and how to donate, click here.