PIERCE ISLAND, NH (CBS) – Rescuers say two New Hampshire dog owners made the right decision when they let the experts rescue their dog who took a frightening fall off a cliff.

Kali is just fine now, but on Sunday, she ran toward a cliff on Pierce Island, lost her footing and fell 30-feet into the water.

Her owners thought about going in to get her, but decided against it and called 911 instead.

“They probably had about 10 or 12 guys overall, four on land, the rest in a boat and a rescue swimmer with a suit on. He’s the one who got to her,” says Chris Parsnow. “He jumped off the boat and swam to the rocks, put the leash on her and brought her to shore where we could get her out.”

Firefighters say they did the right thing; otherwise they might have had to rescue Kali’s owners as well.


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