A Blog by Gary LaPierre

      It’s almost comical in states such as Florida, to see the billboards and television ads from law firms looking for your business.  There is always a certain amount from the medical side of things….lawyers anxious to sue doctors, hospitals or pharmaceuticals for treating you wrong, but the lawyer ads looking for the “slip-and-fall” and accident claims is laughable.      Not terribly surprising I guess but I’m seeing more and more of this type of shake down in the Northeast as well.  The law firm of Beatem & Cheatem is on your side.  Have you been injured in a car accident?   Don’t talk to anyone……certainly do not talk to any insurance adjusters, until you talk to us, Beatem & Cheatem.      There are a couple of law firms I’ve seen who actually say…….”if you’ve been in an accident and you were not injured, call us. Many times the injuries do not show up right away and you should be protected.   We’ll get what is rightfully yours!”        There are others: “Were you involved in an accident involving a tractor-trailer rig?  Call us, we specialize in taking down TT operators.”

     There are so many examples of sleazy slip-n-fall lawyers doing billboard and TV ads, as I said earlier, it’s almost comical but hats off to the Governor of Florida who just signed legislation which has the legal community outraged.   It’s rather complicated and I won’t even attempt to try to explain it, but it is a direct assault on the slip-n-fall guys.  There will be massive changes in the Florida auto insurance law, designed to reduce the fraud and high cost of no-fault insurance.   It’s the no fault coverage which pays the medical expenses of victims, (alleged victims and otherwise) regardless of fault, but that’s about to undergo serious changes.   Just one example, if you at first claim no injury, you can’t decide two weeks later, on the advice of Beatem & Cheatem to develop a sore neck.

     Governor Rick Scott says there is an “epidemic of auto insurance fraud in Florida”    Acupuncture and massage therapy…no longer allowed on an auto insurance case….and it goes on and on.   It all has to do with the PIP (personal injury protection) part of the system and the Governor says “PIP is a billion dollar fraud on the motorists of Florida.”

     Will it change anything?   Probably not.  It’s just fun to pick on lawyers, but not my lawyer.