Felger and Gasper were joined by Peter Gammons of MLB.com to talk some Boston Red Sox and Josh Beckett. Also, it’s the return of Tony Massarotti.

Gammons got right into Josh Beckett and the report of him golfing on his off day after an injury. Is this wrong of Beckett or is the media just too hard on Josh? Does Beckett just lack common sense? Why do people still defend Beckett?

“It’s a little bit a part of the pitching culture, but here you’ve got to be more careful about it,” Gammons said. “Beckett kept saying, ‘I can pitch, I can pitch, I’m fine.’ But at the same time, I don’t think it was smart to do so. I don’t think it was a criminal offense, but I just think you have to use common sense about certain things.”

When pressed for more, Gammons said the act of golfing isn’t alone a reason to believe Beckett is a problem for the Red Sox.

“If he believes he’s heatlhy, OK. [Tom] Glavine, [Greg] Maddux or [John] Smoltz would have done the same thing, and they’re going to the Hall of Fame. But at the same time, Jose Beckett’s been on the disabled list a lot, he had the problem with the lat. What bothers me more is not telling the manager or the trainer that he had the lat pull.

“It’s also frustrating when he basically never says anything about being injured,” Gammons added. “I give him credit for not being an excuse guy. But at the same time, he’s hardly been a great pitcher since 2007.”

Gammons also discussed how much help Dice-K will provide when he returns, whether Bobby Valentine is handling the bullpen properly and how the Red Sox will handle the Kevin Youkilis and Will Middlebrooks situation.

Finally, Tony Masssarotti returns to the show. Mazz is broadcasting live from his home office. The guys discussed Daniel Bard. What positives has Bard shown us? Mazz went on to continue venting about Josh Beckett. Does Josh Beckett even care anymore? What happened to the Josh Beckett of 2007?