By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – General Joe Carter is back on the Vineyard not straying far from his Oak Bluffs home. When the I-Team showed up we were greeted by Boston Pastor Bruce Wall and told Carter was unavailable, “I really have no comment, I have no comment, I’m sorry,” Wall said.

Carter is on administrative leave from the National Guard after the I-Team exposed an allegation of rape dating back to the 80’s that surfaced during a 2010 court martial. Now sources tell us a few of the soldiers involved in that court martial allege they’ve been retaliated against because the general wasn’t happy with the results.

Bob Powers was the head of the MBTA Police Patrolman’s Union when Carter was chief. He says if Joe Carter’s back is against the wall he’ll strike, “You just didn’t criticize Joe Carter.” In 2004 four MBTA cops were fired, two were criminally prosecuted after they were caught talking about Carter on a department recorded line.

According to transcripts obtained by the I-Team from a civil suit that was filed later, the officers were calling Carter “no show Joe” referring to his vacations and conferences. They also talked about a personal situation involving Carter on the Cape that would embarrass him and another family and would be conduct unbecoming of an officer.

Powers said, “There were incidents that happened in his private life that they had discovered and were looking into and I believe it was once these issues came to light that the flag went up and they were targeted.”

Officers Robert McKay and Ronald Jordan were charged with violating CORI laws on an unrelated case. They were found not guilty. All four were put back on the job. Powers said, “It was clear it was due to the criticism and conversation in regards to Joe Carter.”

Carter will remain on paid administrative leave for as long as it takes the military to investigate the rape allegation.

  1. Sophie says:

    Just one example of how BG Carter and his staff used fear, intimidation and humiliation in the Massachusetts National Guard.

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