By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – The U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation Command is probing an allegation of rape against Joseph Carter, the highest ranking officer in the Massachusetts National Guard, the I-Team has learned.

Joseph Carter was appointed Adjutant General back in 2007 but the I-Team has learned the general may have been keeping a very dark secret under wraps for decades.

Susan Pelletier, a former Army soldier told the I-Team in an interview that she was raped by Carter back in the early 1980’s. We spoke with Pelletier over the phone from her home in Kentucky.

“I begged him, I begged him, he got his way,” Pelletier said. “The more I said no the more aggressive he got. He raped me.”

General Joseph Carter (Photo credit: National Guard)

Then Army Private First Class Pelletier served under Carter, then a lieutenant, at the time.

Both were at a training mission at Fort Elgin in Florida and after having a couple of drinks at a bar, she says she was attacked by Carter on a beach.

“You don’t hurt another soldier,” she said. “You’re supposed to save their life not take it and he took my life.”

After the alleged attack, Pelletier said she was told it was in her best interest to keep what happened quiet. She later went AWOL and was discharged from the National Guard.

About 18 months later, in an attempt to get back into the National Guard, she reported the alleged rape to Mark Murray, then a lawyer with the National Guard.

But the alleged rape was never fully investigated by the military until now.

In a statement to the I-Team, Carter denied raping Pelletier and said he is cooperating with the Army investigation.

The decades old allegation surfaced recently during a court martial hearing against Murray in 2010, charging him with misusing federal money.

According to a transcript of those proceedings obtained by the I-Team, Murray alleged the charges against him were retaliatory. He claimed General Carter wanted him removed from the Guard because it was Murray who looked into the initial rape allegation.

Murray testified that the victim told him she was raped by Carter when they left a nightclub in Florida. Murray also testified that when Carter was questioned in the 1980’s, he reportedly told his commanding officer, “I hope this doesn’t impact me sometime in my future.”

Pelletier said she doesn’t want to cause the general’s family any pain, but believes justice should be done.

“I don’t want to strip his whole life away from him, but something has to be done and if that’s what has to be done, I’m sorry,” she said.

Carter gave the I-Team the following statement: “I was shocked by the allegation when it was made in 2010. I categorically denied the allegation in 2010 and continue to deny it today. I don’t know or recall a Susan Pelletier and I am cooperating in an investigation by the Army.”

The court martial panel ruled in favor of Murray and he was able to keep his job as quartermaster.

Comments (26)
  1. I thought tonight’ story on General Carter was terribly unfair. Its connection with court martial of a disgruntled subordinate makes it even fishier. I think you did us a big diservice.

    1. Cat P says:

      You have NO idea who this guy is wait until ALL of the dirt on him comes out then maybe you’ll believe it unless you are one of his kiss ass followers

    2. Nicole D. says:

      When you say, “I think you did us a big diservice” to the reporters who investigated, you obviously are referring to the “men” of the National Guard. Please do not speak like you feel this is the case for all. First of all, there are many men who do not concur with what happened. Second, do you think this report did a diservice to the women in the guard, or the alleged actions of someone who is suppose to lead by example?

  2. Carter Hater says:

    Keep digging, this guy is a dirt bag. Interview some soldiers. He has destroyed many soldier’s careers and is a tyrant.

  3. Nicole D. says:

    This is sickening! How can he say he doesn’t know this person, and yet according to this, he told the Commanding Officer when it happened, “I hope this doesn’t impact me sometime in my future.” ????? Not only is this sick, but according to the report, he also went after the person who investigated it and tried to smear his reputation and make him lose his job. Thank goodness that man kept his job. I wonder how the Governor is going to handle this one? He should be told to step down immediately. No doubt if this woman and Carter were in a club, then there must have been others who saw them – thus throwing Carter’s statement out the window that he did not know the woman. He looks like a HUGE person too!

    1. Fred says:

      This story and the Boston Globe version differ somewhat, especially about the locale of the purported rape being a beach. There was, the Globe said, a third person at the beach with Carter and the woman. What happened to that person – was there a witness to the supposed attack on the woman?

  4. Carter Hater says:

    No, they will go into protection mode. How can he lead soldiers after this.

  5. Mike T. says:

    What is not mentioned in the article is that the court martial panel found Murray responsible for the mismanagement of over $30 million dollars in funds. The state owed the federal government around $1.5 million dollars due is his mismanagement. The only reason he kept is job was due to a law on the books in Massachusetts that states he can only be removed by a court martial.

  6. Jim Donovan says:

    Just once let’s hear from our spineless governor.

    1. Deval P says:

      Jim how dare you talk about me in such a manner. I’m not spineless…in fact my spine is just fine!

      Oop I have to run. I left a nice fresh batch of cookies on the stove . going to go watch some cartoons with said plate of cookies on my chest.

      ah this is the life…..Vote Deval!

  7. carter=bully says:

    I believe Ms. Pelletier. Carter is nothing but a bully and takes what he wants when he wants it. He is not a leader, he is an intimidator. He may not remember her name because soldiers mean nothing to him. Where is the story on Carter”s retaliation against the court-martial board members? The Globe has known about the rape allegation for 2 years. It’s about time it’s finally out in the open.

  8. Anon says:

    I happen to know many people this man works with on a daily basis and he reportedly has the xfactor of ” creepy” . I feel sorry for Pelletier and I feel justice is soon to be served….please keep digging

  9. Shocked NOT says:

    Look into why most of the women also have not been retained but he promotes all the good old boys to higher ranking positions. I wonder how many more women will come forward? This is a disgrace, and if he had any class he would resign.

  10. firemanmark says:

    Why was a commissioned officer drinking with a non-com? It sounds fishy indeed.Carter’s recollection of the events is what my grandfather would refer to as “a convenient memory”.

    1. Punishment says:

      Don’t know about you, but if a woman accused me of rape I would remember her

  11. Cat P says:

    I don’t see that my last post came through maybe it was too REAL to be printed. Anyway This piece of crap needs to be investigated at evry single place that he has ever lived. He came to the Vineyard and got hired as Oak Bluffs police chief many years ago. What a joke. He said he wanted the job to be closer to his wife and daughter. Guess what? He spent the majority of time off of the island traveling at our expense and got paid for being the cheif full time. He also was stopped on new years eve coming out of a bar with a local girl who everyone knew he was having an affair with . He was DRUNK and the cop let him go. He was also stopped that same year in Falmouth, DRUNK. go away with it. He left here with a hefty pension. This guy is a snow job and has to be stopped in his tracks . Do not let him be promoted any further. Please anyone he has hurt please come forward and don’t be afraid of him. From what I remember years ago he fired a worker at the MBTA for putting up a paper somewhat like where’s waldo but used his name instead because he was never on that job either that he was paid big for.

  12. Carter hater says:

    General Carter likes to place soldiers names on the national guard police blotter for everyone to see… Even before they r found guilty… I wander when his name is going to be on there… Just wondering…

  13. Nicole D. says:

    I think WBZRadio should put this on as a topic for their night time talk show. I’m sure people would have a lot to say about it.

  14. Mike says:

    What a travesty but in the words of the Assistant Army Inspector General, “We must have proof beyond a reasonable doubt before we will even investigate a Commissioned Officer.” Yes, that is an exact quote from those individuals who would be in charge if the victim feels justice has not been served. The I-Team may want to look at the pending lawsuit against the Pentagon by the “Victims” of Rape and Sexual Assault who were discharged from the military because they were “Victims” and reported it to authorities. There is a pattern here folks.

  15. Sullie says:

    Hi Sophie, I see you are making your rounds on all of the media lying about BG Hammond.This is such crap! Get your facts straight! General Hammond is a highly decorated combat veteran. I served with him in both Iraq and Afghanistan. General Petraeus promoted him in front of us and had nothing but great stuff to say about him. He is the only General in the Mass Guard to command in combat and he cares about us!!! He is the only one who can relate to what we have been through. BTW megalomaniac ???? That’s an awfully big word…. Sounds like a plant doing hatchet work on the General. He wasn’t even in the Guard when this happened. BTW I saw him doing PT all the time while we were in Afghanistan. Nice try saying he is medically unfit. You are obviously a plant and know that BG Hammond’s army medical records were stolen after he donated a kidney to his son. Some losers were trying to make it look like he had medical problems to try to hold up his promotion. This didn’t work. The Army did an investigation and determined he was fully fit for combat and promotion and applauded him for donating a kidney. My guess is YOU SOPHIE are some disgruntled loser and have avoided all deployments.

    1. Sophie says:

      Hopefully, now that MG Rice has been appointed as the interim TAG, the toxic administration of BG Carter and BG Hammond has come to an end. Now maybe the soldiers and airman of the Massachusetts National Guard can be inspired to great things instead of being intimated.

  16. mom says:

    I am the victims mother and this destroyed her life . I know first hand how much she has suffered. It id no laughing matter for a man to take what he wants when a woman says no.

  17. mom says:

    This man is a person who is suppose to be representing our service….OOPS! did I say man so sorry this ??????? don’t even know what to call him. I wouldn’t want to call him an animal and disgrace them. He needs to have all his stars and stripes wiped out. Those represent honor. WHERE is his???

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