BOSTON (CBS) – Hundreds of students from Boston and surrounding communities took to the streets to protest the MBTA’s proposed fare increases.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

They held signs that said “No Cuts, No Hikes” and “AffordabiliT”. Students like Carlos Rojas of East Boston believe the proposed fare hikes are unfair.

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Protesters march to State House. (Photo from Bernice Corpuz)

Rojas says, “They are proposing a ludicrous fare hike for next year.”

The T is proposing increasing the students’ monthly passes from $20 to $25 and a new 7-day student pass would cost $28 a month.

“That is going to be much harder for my mother,” says Rojas. “And for families that have two, three, four children in high school, is absolutely not viable.”

Rojas believes state lawmakers should find other ways to solve the T’s budget problems, rather than increasing fares.

Comments (6)
  1. 1stackmack says:

    why does everyone want a free ride.the T is broke kids.its either raise rates or no service,which one you want everything else,a transportation service costs money to operate.diesel ,electricity ,and cng which the new buses run on are expensive now.diesel alone in well over 4 bucks a time to dig a little deeper in the couch for loose change like the rest of us boys and girls.

  2. ginny2 says:

    People need to take a look at the transportation options we have versus what most other major cities hav to offer. Even with the often irregular arrival times and poor train cars, we still have one of the cheapest around. students alteast still get a discount. Talk about the entitlment attitudes running rampant in this country today.

    1. ginny2 says:

      Sorry for my typos.

  3. firemanmark says:

    I guess the T doesn’t accept EBT cards?

  4. smash44 says:

    So ask all the liberal students which Democratic tax-and-spend idiot they voted for in the last election. Go ahead, ask any one. You get exactly what you vote. Noe exist in your own stinking, rotten cesspool infested with fascist, racist, sexist, and bigoted Democratic Nazis.

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