BOSTON (CBS) – In a campaign that has seen so many slippery slopes and slips of the tongue, a children’s toy has become the focus.

Mitt Romney’s Communications Director Eric Fehrnstrom said the campaign will hit the reset button for the general election, like using an Etch-A-Sketch.

Instantly, his rivals were jumping all over that statement, saying this proves Romney is not a true conservative.

It certainly gives his doubters a colorful opening and it shows how sometimes the simplest thing like a child’s toy can become an unwanted symbol of a candidate’s political weaknesses.

Would Mitt Romney like to wipe away this whole analogy? Of course he would, but that may take awhile and in the meantime, it may have opened up a whole new genre of match ups between politicians and toys.

At Boing Toys in Jamaica Plain, we found there is something for every politician on your shopping list.

“Madeline at the White House” to help them keep their eyes on the ultimate goal.

The “In a Pickle” game to help them out from under the occasional gaffe.

“Play-Doh,” because one thing all these politicians understand is that if you really want to compete, you’ve just got to have the dough.

President Obama has the money, but could use a magic wand to wave away high gas prices and bring back his long-lost political magic.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum seems to like his fire-breathing image, even if at times it leaves him sounding like a political dinosaur.

For Newt Gingrich, the man who wants to colonize the moon, Star Wars toys are the obvious choice.

And what about Senator Scott Brown?

He already has a pickup truck, but given the tough reelection campaign he faces, maybe he needs a bigger one, with more space for rhetoric.

Jon Keller