BOSTON (CBS) – Steven Tyler says he is the reason that Aerosmith has been so successful all these years.

In an interview that will air Sunday on ’60 Minutes’ (WBZ-TV 7 p.m.) Tyler admits he has, at times, been harsh and a bit of a taskmaster towards the rest of his band mates.

But he also claims that he’s the reason the band has been around for 40 years.

“I’m going to be big-headed right now, okay? I think my perfectionism and my bustin’ everyone’s chops is what got this band to where it is today. In the end, I get a real good song. In the end, I get the hits. Yeah, I’m that good,” Tyler tells Lara Logan.

The band didn’t really disagree with him.

“When you ask what makes the band great, I think that it’s a combination of all of us, Steven making it greater,” says Joey Kramer.

Brad Whitford goes even further. “[Making the band great] takes somebody so over the top and in our case with our lead singer, Steven Tyler, who’s this amazingly gifted musician.”

“This band’s better than it’s ever been. It’s not because I’m old now and the band’s been around forever and it’s our last tour. Bull&*%#! It’s because this band is that good,” Tyler said.

Aerosmith was formed in Boston back in 1970.

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  1. dan says:

    why didn’t joe perry say anything????

    1. Respectful Michelle says:

      I’m sure he will, as they;re still close friends. They put up a short blurb trying to get people to think he’s arrogant figuring they’ll watch. That’s the press for ya!

  2. dan says:


  3. Ellen says:

    Without Steven Tyler, there is no Aerosmith!

  4. MASS RESIDENT says:


    1. donny says:


      Such kind words from a friend – all in CAPS, too.. I’ll be you two were close.

    2. Respectful Michelle says:

      If you grew up with him you would know more about how humble he truly is. He’s a kind man who had his share of issues and cleaned himself up by checking into rehabs as needed. I sense jealousy of the talent, financial gain which he doesn’t speak about or his success for 40 years. How many musicians can say they’ve still got fans after that many years? Mass Resident, he grew up in New Hampshire so maybe you lived there as he did NOT grow up in Mass. I think you’re a rude individual and once again, jealous you didnt have the success he did/does even now on American Idol. BTW Caps are yelling, learn internet etiquette please, at least on here.

      1. Tsal says:

        Don’t know where other places he lived growing up but he did live in Humarock area of MA. Some of his band members either lived in that area or still do. He is still in the area and attends the Humarock Christmas stroll activities. However there is nothing condescending about him. He has always been friendly and personable.

  5. dan says:

    mass should learn how to write or speak[ all he look like a woman to me]….are you black

    1. MASS RESIDENT says:

      First of all color has no bearing on my comments and wow notw you are a racist for that statement

      I have the right for my opinion so go fiy a kite this is for Dan and Don get a JOB

      1. Respectful Michelle says:

        You answered Dan’s question by changing it and not answering it. Not one I would ask but apparently he knew something about you from your in caps post. I doubt you grew up with Steven Tyler/Aerosmith, Where he lived and still does, NO ONE stayed through the year except them as it was a resort area very quiet after the season was finished on the Lake. He spent the summers taking care of the properties (bungalows) grounds for his parents. He still lives there in his own larger cottage than he grew up in but by far not an elegant, huge home like some of the stars have. You know nothing about Steven, you should do your h/w before commenting “Mass resident.”

    2. Tsal says:

      Good grief Dan. Really ??

  6. dan says:

    donny..also.. [ i’ll be you two ]

    1. gramps says:

      Your lack of ‘The Upper Case’ & occasional attempts @ punctuation is something…..

      Your a tribute to MCAS…..&…..our ‘Public Schools’.


      You write like ‘Tyler’ sings, a lot of ‘noise & static’!

  7. Respectful Michelle says:

    He is that good and that clip appears a lot more sure of himself than Steven Tyler is. If you have the time, watch his Oprah interview too in full with no commercials on you tube and you’ll see the humility and kindness he excudes. He is a phenominal musician, plays at least four instruments and does have a voice and a half noticed more in his softer songs. I don’t mind his “screaming” as it’s called. He’s been an excellent American Idol judge bringing their ratings way back up. Here’s the you tube Well worth the time watching it if you’re a fan or want to know more about Steven Tyler, his life, modest home and Family.

    1. Tsal says:

      I completely agree.

    2. bosmonkey says:

      Steven is the balls. Aerosmith is an amazing and talented band to span over the decades and still kick a$$.

  8. Cat fight says:

    Doh da ,dodo da Doh da , dodo da… be bop a my babe’o yayayaya .. yayayaya etc etc etc pffft whats Kramer think.. bah bah bah,, be bay bo .

    1. Cat fight says:

      Draw the line……..

  9. Kimberly says:

    Aerosmith claims Boston as their home town but they actually started in NH. I grew up and lived in Newbury where Steve lived on Lake Sunapee and the group played at my high school and local venues before they hit it big. Hamilton went to same high school and my sister worked for Kramer in New London, NH

    1. Respectful Michelle says:

      Glad someone knows the facts Kimberly. Just b/c their first concert was in Boston doesn’t mean they grew up there. Steven and Perry met in Mass but Steven spent a large amount of time on Lake Sunappe. Smart man does today too. It’s a beautiful location, even Oprah liked it.

  10. joe stevens says:

    While Steven was at it he should have reinforced his point (that he was the only real talent) by mentioning that Jack Douglas and CBS hired studio musicians for basically all of Aerosmith’s 70s recordings. Those players (that went unnamed) helped write AND play several of Perry’s, Whitford’s, Hamilton’s and even Kramer’s parts in the studio. So yes. The rest of the band basically wrote your coattails. Steven had the talent and Perry. Well… He had the look.

    1. joe stevens says:

      Wow dude! That’s right. I knew someone that worked with the band for a short while back in the early days. He told me that it wasn’t Joe Perry that played the solos adams apple on the toys album. I don’t remember if he told me who it was but it definitely wasn’t Perry. I know they didn’t play everything on the get your wings album either. But I’m sure lots of bands use professional musicians on the down low.

      1. Respectful Michelle says:

        He covers for them and they blew his azz out of the water for nonsense and BS. They can’t handle him fixing a song to perfection for 40 years? They whined like a bunch of babies. We’ve lost that Steven smile on American Idol because of “the band.” He’s the lead singer and performer and always will be.. Bring that grin back Steven, you rock my friend.. See ya when you’re done with Idol on tour.

  11. Richard Chaney says:

    His concerts are just so lame and boring, I fell asleep at the last Aerosmith concert I went too. There are nobody but middle aged soccer moms in the crowd that think Angel was their best song.

  12. dd says:

    Growing up, Joe Perry was always my favorite of the band.

    1. Respectful Michelle says:

      After viewing the videos they didn’t include at CBS News, the story is different. CBS and the reporter did a terrible job presenting those interviews leaving out important things that were said by all. The editing dept left them cut, laying on the floor I imagine but some are still on the CBS news site. Worth watching them, both Steven and the boys come across quite differently than what we saw on TV or here.

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