BOSTON (CBS) — The Cubs haven’t won the World Series since 1908, and they no longer have a loser’s camaraderie with the Red Sox, after Boston won two championships this decade.

That is perhaps why one Cubs fan set out to prank the Red Sox, buying the domain for and redirecting it to

The News-Press in Florida reports that Eric Engelman, a Fort Myers resident, purchased the domain for $8. He insisted that he only made the decision because it was funny, not because he particularly dislikes the Red Sox.

“I don’t even like the American League … so I just think it’s funny,” he wrote on his personal website,

The News-Press told Red Sox executive vice president and chief operating officer Sam Kennedy about the web high kinks.

“Have him call me,” Kennedy told the News-Press. “We can make a deal. Or maybe we can make a deal.”


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  1. martinmunson says:

    The Red Sox will just have their lawyers send a cease and desist letter, and then he’ll be forced to hand over the registration to the domain. The Red Sox will also give him zero money for his effort. Take the poll at

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