WORTHINGTON (CBS) – MEMA has been called into an area of western Massachusetts that will be without landlines for several days after a car crash knocked out a major Verizon trunk line.

The service disruption affects all landline communications, including 911, in parts of Huntington, Worthington, Chesterfield, and Montgomery. Verizon says the outage will affect a couple hundred people.

A MEMA spokesperson says State Police, Verizon, and other utilities are also working to fix the problem.

State Police expect service to be restored within 5 days. A command post has been established at the Huntington Fire Department and the State Police with provide extra patrols to the towns that are impacted.

They are looking to bring in portable cell towers, as well as those extra police patrols for safety reasons, and digital message boards intended to help update people living in the area.

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  1. thor's hammer says:

    how the heck does a major telecomm player like verizon not build in contingency plans for major disruptions like this? all those impacted should be given rebates on their bills. extra patrols in small communities such as these will hopefully cover any and all emergencies. if not, verizon, get out your checkbook as case could/should be made for contributory negligence.

    1. gramps says:

      AT&T, New England Telephone, NYNEX, Bell Atlantic & now Verizon…..

      Over 125 years of service, uninterrupted by progress!

      There was a time that ‘subscribers out of service’, more that 24 hours, was a ‘big deal’!…..If that # was too big there was ‘hell to pay’ & letters to write!

      Now they have decided that a ‘WEEK’……Is acceptable….Tell that to people who wear ‘Medical Alarm’ pendent’s around their necks or on their wrists!

      Back in the day if you saw a ‘double pole’ it meant a visit to the ‘Eye Doctor’, not anymore!

      They, along with the Electric Co’s, have reduced their staffing levels, while State DPU’s looked the other way…. (to improve the bottom line to Share Holders) such that they can no longer provide the service they used to….When a big storm hits, we’re @ the mercy of all states east of the Mississippi & Canada.

      “Never have so many, known so little, about so much”…


      Remember these ‘gingles’?

      ‘We’re the one for you New England, New England Telephone’…..Or….’We make your EVERY HELLO, a ‘real good buy’!

      1. dan says:

        gramps…you know everything ….maybe you should run for office and correct what’s wrong

      2. dan says:

        talk is cheap…doing is more

  2. D Arsenault says:

    verizon has a contingency plan…make money off a new core business and forget about what makes the bread and butter. Why should they care if landline service get’s knocked out…they are too worried about their wireless business

  3. Phil Santoro says:

    Huntington public safety and town officials, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, and Verizon crews are to be commended for their quick response and cooperative work in the aftermath of a telephone outage that was the result of a car accident that took down a utility pole and disrupted phone service for some Verizon customers in Huntington. So local resident have a clear picture of what occurred, the outage was limited to some 300 subscribers in the area, not the 1,200 to 1,800 or 80 percent of Huntington residents or residents of surrounding communities, as was reported by some media. Also, 911system was NOT affected. The 911 system continued to operate in Huntington, except for those approximately 300 affected customers. Lastly, estimates of a five-day repair interval were exaggerated. Service for many customers was restored within 24 hours and all customers were back in service within two days, thanks to the efforts of the Verizon crews who worked 24/7 on the manually intensive task of splicing each and every phone line individually. Verizon responded to this unfortunate accident rapidly, and kept local officials informed of restoral work along the way. Our company appreciates the support received by public safety personnel throughout the restoral effort.

    Phil Santoro
    Verizon Media Relations

    1. gramps says:

      Is the ticket closed out?

      Is it ‘all’ fixed yet?


    2. gramps says:


      When you get a moment, why so many double poles?


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