By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

LEOMINSTER (CBS) – What are the chances? That’s all Esther Rios could think on Monday as she stood feet away from the man who had mugged her only days before, “I’m like oh my God, oh my God. It can’t be.”

Rios says Saturday night Malek E. Matos jumped her at knife-point. “He said to give him my purse or he will kill me and if I say anything or scream he will kill me.”

Inside her bag a measly 0.17 cents but more importantly he made off with her checkbook, credit cards and license.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

So on Monday she headed to the Leominster RMV to replace her stolen ID. While there, smoking a cigarette, the very man who had mugged her walked right up and started making small talk. “All of a sudden he asked me for a cigarette,” she says.

Rios knew his face and voice immediately but she kept her cool, even handing him a lighter. Then she snapped a picture of him while faking a phone call, “I didn’t want him to know I’m nervous, I’m scared.”

Matos never recognized his victim which gave officers time to show up and cuff him after Rios asked a clerk to call police.

She says the thought of him attacking other women gave her the courage to remain calm, “And I’m like ‘I can’t let him go, I got to do it.’”

Matos faced a judge on Tuesday and was charged with armed robbery. It’s unclear why he was at the RMV.

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  1. bye bye baby says:

    I’m loving it! You illiterate, arrogant illegal p.o.s. dumb dumb! Fabutastic! Your girlfriend & family must be crying over thier foodstamp funded dinner tonight, missing you! Lets see more of guys like you soon! Bring it on! You busting yourself for armed robbery in my country is mucho caliente!

  2. Denise says:

    Awesome for her! But I’ll bet you that the Good Ol Leominster PD didn’t attempt to go to the guys house to see if any of her stuff was there! A friend of mine found one of her stolen rings on someones finger – granted she got her 1 ring back – but the detective left it up to the girl that had the ring to do the right thing and give him more information and “tell him” if she had any more of the jewelry! What a dope – didn’t even go to the girls house to see if she had any more of the jewelry and/or the gun that was stolen at the same time!!!! And if she did … it really is long gone now! Sometimes you have to be your own detective!!!

  3. Doris says:

    Good for her to stay calm in order to have that usless piece of society arrested. She should be proud of herself taking another thief off the streets, now it’s up to the justice system to see that he remains behind bars.

  4. Willow says:

    Talk about someone who we should all see soon on an episode of the Worlds Dumbest Criminals. Another reason to quit smoking, huh?

  5. Truthmom says:

    Sure hope they got the right guy… everyone knows white folks think every black and latino person is the same

    1. Sue M says:


  6. TruthSpeaks says:

    Funny thing Here Truthmom – the lady was HISPANIC – getting robbed by a HISPANIC. Sheesh… Check your brain lately?

    1. Renee says:

      Not to mention, the REPORTER of the story is latina! Or married someone who is. To bye bye baby, do you have a crystal ball? I don’t see anywhere in the article any information to back up your nasty comments. By the way, Matos is a Spanish name, but Malek? Never heard that one in the Spanish language…sounds Greek or Middle Eastern to me…but what do I know, I’m just a stupid white woman.

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