The Lakers ended beating the Celtics in overtime which ended the team’s five game winning streak. Adolfo was outside the Garden after the game to talk with fans as the left.

The first guy Adolfo met up with was upset about the loss and wished some ill will toward Kobe Bryant.

He also gave his thoughts on a possible trade involving Rajon Rondo and Pau Gasol. Listen to what his suggestion for what Gasol should do instead?

Paul Pierce just passed Larry Bird to move into second place on the Celtics all-time scorers list. What did this fan think of the feat?

Adolfo then ran into “Numbah One” Celtics superfan Aztec Gino and his buddy A.K.A. Bob. Another very enthusiastic fan really wanted to talk to Adolfo, but was told to wait.

He was not very happy with that response.


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