BOSTON (CBS) – With Valentine’s Day just days away, Dan Andelman of the Phantom Gourmet takes us to some of the area’s tastiest date places.

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Restaurant Oro is a romantic, city-style restaurant overlooking Scituate Harbor.
Seafood is the specialty here, including velvety corn and clam chowder, crispy lobster cakes packed with chunks of fresh-shucked meat, crispy potato strings, and creamy lobster bisque.

For a different kind of date experience, Tangierino in Charlestown is a sexy Moroccan restaurant offering exotic flavors and honey-sweet pastries with a little live belly dancing on the side.

Sorellina in Copley Square is the ultimate destination for that date you’re looking to impress. Modern Italian cuisine is the focus, including handmade pastas and Kobe beef meatballs. But you can’t leave before you taste the seductive molten chocolate cake.

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year, which is great for restaurants, because Tuesday is typically one of the least busy days of the week.

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    Looks like a nice place for spending time with our valentine…!!!!

  2. Shuhuf says:

    Hmmm, I’ve never seen any clips of Arthur Godfrey and he was well before my time, so do clips exist? He did dcoesvir a lot of big stars, but it was mostly before rock and roll, unlike Ed Sullivan. And the famous Julius LaRosa incident, in which he fired him on air hurt his popularity and in 1959 left TV for good. But it probably does have to do somewhat that the lists’ writers don’t have a sense of history.

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