NEWTON (CBS) – A former teacher already accused of sexually abusing a child is now in trouble as a babysitter. Prosecutors say David Ettlinger took pictures and video of a young girl he was watching.

They say one video shows him assaulting the girl. Ettlinger just resigned as a Newton teacher.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merill spoke with a mother who had arranged for him to babysit her kids in just a few days.

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“We felt lucky that we found somebody like that,” says Isabel Stover. “That he was a babysitter he was a teacher we felt like he’d be great with the kids.”

Isabel Stover admits when she hired David Ettlinger to babysit last October, everything seemed perfect.

Not only was he a local teacher in town, but her 8-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son approved.

“They liked him,” says Stover. “They asked ‘when can we have that guy back again?’”

In fact, the Stovers had him booked to sit next week on Valentine’s Day.

“I still think when I see his face he was really friendly looking, he had a nice smile,” says Stover. “We just connected on many levels.”

But now Ettlinger is behind bars, facing charges of child porn and assault on a child.

New charges just filed in Middlesex County allege Ettlinger photographed and sexually assaulted a young girl he was babysitting.

The charges are deeply disturbing to the Newton mom who found him on the popular babysitting match site “Sittercity”.

And while she doesn’t blame the site, the entire ordeal has taught her a tough lesson.

“I don’t think I could have done anything differently,” she says. “The only thing different is educate my kids.”

Sittercity released a statement saying they pulled his profile and contacted all parents who reached out to Ettlinger.

Ettlinger is being held on $50,000 cash bail.

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  1. Candi says:

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  2. Amy Boyer says:

    How about going back to having family watch the kids? I know this post is going to fire up some people. I am an educated professional (MA +) and my husband and I made the decision to cut back so I can stay home with the kids. No, we can’t “keep up with the Jones” but we live comfortably. Some people don’t have the option and they have to put their kids with babysitters to make ends meet for their family, however the majority of Americans work to maintain a “higher quality of life”. I don’t want my kids with a stranger. Back when I was young, I babysat and then worked as a nanny. I was a quality nanny who cared about the little girl I watched, but I still wasn’t her parent and she missed her parents terribly! Why are we leaving our children to be raised by strangers just to satisfy our need for personal fulfillment at work? How do you protect your children to the best of your ability? Be the one who cares for them! Will they never be in a situation where they might be at risk? No, but I can do my best to protect the little ones who can’t speak for themselves by being the one who stays home with them.

  3. JustThinking says:

    I worked with teenage boys who were already sex offenders. I tell every one of my friends — NEVER let a teenage boy who offers to babysit — watch your kids.

    They also like to volunteer at school with the kids with special needs Especially the ones who are almost nonverbal.

    1. AAA says:

      Awesome. This guy was 34, not a teenager.

    2. JAMES TIBERIOUS says:

      OK and while we are at it.Don’t let teenage girls to work at any store or manufactoring job..those are for guys,keep them in the kitchen and babysitting!!! Are we a little bigoted and stereotyping who should do what jobs?? I kow it is popular to allow wome to do jobs historically that were mes ad OT let guys do jobs that wome typically did or for example allow Girls ito boyscouts but ot let guys ito girlscouts!! Don’t be a bigot!!! NO job is for ONLY for women or men

      1. D fore says:

        You’re right. Someone needs to rebuke the misogynists in the NFL for their male dominated teams.

  4. anne says:

    in my opinion if you decide to have children the first six years belong to them , a baby sitter is not necessary as children need the affection from parents until entering school than go back to work if necessary but only hors children in school. the need generation want the child, also all the amenities to to outdo friends . Why is it many women stay home but live within their means. the gals who decide to have a child with any man they should not be supported by the state. Than these poor children will not have the home life they are subjected to.Men are not baby sitters and any man who decides other than father is a problem , this includes young men. How many children are abused by boyfriends. Why do women feel after a divorce they need companion of a man, they could not make it with one they always chose same type no matter how many they date or marry

  5. Dale says:

    I’m sorry, you have to be a complete idiot to allow a 30 something year old man babysit your kids. Normal men do not want to do this kind of work, only pedophiles.

    1. Steph says:

      Well said.

  6. jedada says:

    You cannot dump all 30 year old men in a pile as pedophiles. My children were lucky to have some wondefrful male teachers in elementary school who were NOT pedophiles and I would have let them babysit for my kids any day. Not all males who teach are pedophiles and not all pedophiles teach in elementary schools. IT’s ridiculous faulty logic. This is a sick opportunistic man and he might have been in any carreer. Stop stereotyping. It is sad for the profession that this jerk has given male elementary school teachers a bad name. Think about how many men who might be great teachers but are now going to be scared away from the profession because of fear that they will be scrutinized for everything they do. We never question if a female teacher hugs a child, but you will all be looking to see if a male teacher does it. And don’t forget Mary Letourneau the one who married the boy she molested. There have been other females treachers who have molestred kids also. Be careful not to offer wholesale condemnation of male teachers just because this one is scum..

    1. Steph says:

      It’s not 30 something year old teachers, Jedada. (I’m engaged to one). It’s 30 something year old males that WANT to babysit some random person’s kids! This is not normal and that should have been noticed by the parents. If something seems fishy, chances are – it is! Their job is to look for suspicious things when it comes to their children!
      Normal 30 something year old guys don’t have a desire to babysit random children.

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