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SOUTH BOSTON (CBS) – For better or worse, Jersey Shore is a big hit. Millions of people tune in to the MTV reality show to see the hard-partying young adults who share a beach house.

Now the show’s producers are looking for new talent in Boston. From “Goodwill Hunting” to “The Town” and “The Departed,” Hollywood has been fascinated with the gritty stories of working-class Boston neighborhoods for some time.

But now there’s a push on to add South Boston to the trashy world of reality TV, and some of the locals are pushing back.

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The producers were inspired, perhaps, by an online parody exploiting some of the more insulting Southie stereotypes.

In a press release, the producers of “Southie Pride” claim they’ll be offering an insider’s look at “Beantown’s beating heart.” Already, you know there’s a problem. But they really tip their hand when they promise to spotlight, “The most in your face subculture on the Eastern Seaboard”.

Maureen Dahill, a Southie native who helps run a popular neighborhood blog, says the producers of Jersey Shore have been running into brick walls in their effort to cast their Southie reality show.

Do people suspect they’re looking for lowlifes? “Yes, right away, it’s a red flag, people suspect they’re looking for a Southie Snooki, and nobody wants to be portrayed that way,” says Dahill.

Every town has its clowns, of course. But Dahill notes that gentrification and generational changes have mostly turned the coarse Southie images into an outdated joke.

We all have our teeth,” says Dahill. “Girls go to college now, they have careers, they have children later in life as opposed to earlier in life, so yeah, things have changed completely.”

So are the producers going to find what they are looking for? Dahill doesn’t think so. “They’re really struggling, I know that,” she says.

Although crews from “Southie Pride” were filming exteriors in South Boston last weekend, Dahill says the casting process is not going well, and some local businesses have refused to cooperate with the production.

Maybe they should make a show about the resistance, then the title “Southie Pride” might be a good fit.

Jon Keller

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  1. KathyD says:

    If the producers wave enough franklins around, they’re bound to get someone to sign up. Sorry to say.

  2. Deanna says:

    WOW in Boston LOL has if that really would happen more like not

  3. Snookie says:

    We have enough stuck up guidos already, we don’t need no stinken masholes

  4. hulll says:

    snookie they said SOUTHIE!!!! that means white trash IRISH DRUNKS

  5. tarquin says:

    we already have the best reality shows on cable CSPAN; you can
    see the U.S. senate and congress doing nothing all day long 24/7 365 days a year.

  6. carla cesario says:

    lets think about when whitey had all his cocaine running the streets, teenagers hanging in bars with fake id’s, a littlie to young to be drinking and drugging but it was real so dont speak on no teeth girls if u havent walked their path, im from southie and i have my teeth but ill throw an ass whuppin down in a heartbeat for my ppl, lets see if the producers can potray the real streets of Southie, i think not!!

  7. nothanks says:

    It’s not reality – it’s garbage.