A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Here we go again!   It happens about every five years as I calculate things.   I’m talking about the absurd debate over how much control the FCC should have over what words and how much skin should be allowed on television.   First let me say this…..”the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is a paper-tiger at best.    It doesn’t have the “stones” or the muscle to back up anything it does, but having said that, put this Trained Observer in the FCC’s corner if it decides to cut the crap that’s being allowed on major networks.  It was just a few years ago, one of the biggest names in radio, Howard Stern decided to give up the public airwaves and go with satellite radio so he could drop his f-bombs and talk about “pleasuring himself” with no interference from the FCC.   Nice move Howard and I know you’re probably laughing all the way to the bank, but Stern lost about 90% of his audience with that move and now nobody cares what he says…..mostly because nobody is listening.

     In radio…..it was go with satellite…i.e. Sirius…..good luck with that.    With television….wanna talk dirty, wanna show lots of skin……switch to cable and knock yourself out…….FCC won’t bother with you…..and the cable companies will offer channel space to just about any gratuitous, untested whack-job topic you can name.     But it should stop there.

      What the primary channels are looking for now……..the ABC’s, NBC, CBS….you name it….the ones under some guidance from the FCC is to suggest there’s a double standard……the Satellites and Cables can using dirty words and show lots and lots of skin…and we can’t.  Congress doesn’t have the stones to keep a lid on it, the FCC doesn’t seem to either and I’ve gotta tell you, it’s raunchy out there.  I’m not just talking skin flicks that they try to slip in once in a while…..I’m talking regularly scheduled entertainment programming such as Two and a Half Men, (some really dirty rotten stuff…funny as Hell….but dirty rotten) Modern Family and several other TV shows that really push the envelope.   I’ve been known to have a garbage mouth that would make a truck driver blush, but I learned at an early age, there are times and places you don’t talk like that and the FCC should be giving  the same lesson for the Public Airwaves.   Our left-leaning society wants to think everything is okay, but sometimes damn-it….its just wrong!

     Hey…..do you kiss your Mother with that same mouth??

  1. gramps says:

    Any thoughts on those ‘KY’ comercials?


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